Ben Weldon is a husband, father, business owner, and an active member of the community, passionate about preserving the history of Upper Makefield, celebrating our township, and responsible planning for the future.

In 2010, Ben established his photography business and quickly expanded to offer services across a variety of industries. Ben has built a successful company through strong relationships with clients who are drawn to his enthusiasm, creativity, and his ability to manage a diverse array of projects.  He works regularly across multiple fields, including for Fortune 500 corporations, universities, ad agencies, magazines and small businesses. 



Ben lives in Upper Makefield with his wife, Rose, and their four children, ages 2-6. The township and their home in particular holds a special place for the couple, as they celebrated their wedding in the backyard of the home in 2010.  Ben and Rose both grew up in Bucks County, and cherish the opportunity to raise their family in a community rich in history, beauty, and charm. 



Ben is passionate about serving our community. He has been actively participating in local government for many years. He has advocated for responsible development and careful stewardship of the land as well as honest, transparent, and fiscally sound governance by township leaders. Ben believes strongly in our shared civic responsibility. He believes that serving is about connecting with people, hearing their concerns, and working together to improve the community. 

Ben’s appreciation for parks and open space has taken him to all fifty states and over thirty National Parks throughout the U.S with his eventual goal to visit all 59. Ben has worked to build homes with Habitat for Humanity at home in Bucks County and abroad.