Palm Cards are in!

One of the pieces of advice I’ve had repeated to me over and over again in the early-going is that running for office isn’t about subtlety. People need to see your name and your face…a lot. So, to my friends in the design community, I pre-apologize for the decidedly unsubtle way we are going to be posting my name and face everywhere and the explicit violation of your highly-refined sensibilities. 

I started knocking doors last month so I could introduce my campaign and also get signatures for my Nomination Petitions that will put me on the ballot. These cards were super-useful in that effort; for folks that wanted the website, a little more information, or to leave if they aren't home.

This card, by the way, was made possible by the donations we received when we launched the website. Thank you very much to all who donated. Here is a link to our donation page if you’d like to help out. Even $5 will go a long way!