Nomination Petitions

In order to get on the ballot, candidates need to gather signatures on nomination petitions. These petitions are crucial because if candidates don’t get the Petitions filled out in time or filled out correctly, they don’t appear on the ballot. Obviously that would be a significant impediment to getting elected. There is about a 30 day window to gather the signatures which closes on March 12. After the Nomination Petitions are turned into the Board of Elections, they become public and anyone can request copies and challenge the validity of signatures in order to get a candidate blocked from the ballot. Here are just a few reasons signatures can be invalidated:

  • Person lives outside the district you are running in

  • Person is a not registered in your party

  • Person used ditto marks instead of writing out information

  • Person did not properly write their town or township

  • Person wrote a date earlier than the date used in the line above, which, if the subsequent people follow suit, would invalid their signatures as well.

It’s crazy how easy it is to make one of these mistakes but we were diligent as we spent the last few weeks knocking doors and attending meetings in order to gather the signatures we needed. Thanks to everyone who signed!!