I am running for Township Supervisor in Upper Makefield. Here’s what you can expect from me as Supervisor:


1. Preserving what makes Upper Makefield Special

My family and I love living here. As Supervisor, I’m excited about the opportunity to celebrate the unique aspects of Upper Makefield: the open space, the history, and the character of the township. 

2. Respectful Leadership

Good leadership is about optimism, enthusiasm, and most importantly, being able to solve problems respectfully. I will advocate for the residents of Upper Makefield and work with my fellow Supervisors with these virtues in mind. 

3. Planning with Purpose

Rose and I have four young children. As they grow up here, I’m committed to making sure Upper Makefield remains a community we can all be proud of. It’s important for the next generation that our leaders balance the needs of today with the needs of the future.



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